Pektas Textile was founded in 1995, in Corlu which is one of the most industrial towns of Turkey, a hundred kilometer to the west of Istanbul. The company’s production facility was established as an integrated Jacquard weaving mill to produce upholstery and curtain fabrics. In a short period of time, Pektas Textile became one of the leading companies of the Turkish home textile industry. Besides decorative fabrics, Pektas has recently started to produce apparel fabrics, as well.

Pektas Textile is mainly exporting its products to various markets expanding from North America to Europa and Asia. The world’s well known converters, wholesalers and furniture producers are among the customers of the company. With its talented and experienced design, production and marketing teams, Pektas targets to promote not only market focused fashionable fabrics but also a high quality service and cooperation to its customers.