Pektas Textile is a family owned business. It was established by Naim Pektas (Civil Eng.) and his son Ibrahim Pektas (Mechanical Eng.) in 1995. With the huge industrial experience and the engineering background of the family, the production facility was planned as an integrated Jacquard weaving mill. From dye house to the weaving, the production facility is designed to convert the raw yarns into the most trendy, colorful decorative fabrics.

The first meters were woven in 1997. The company grew up mainly by western (North American and European) markets.

In 2003, the daughter Necla Pektas (Electrical and Electronics Eng.) joined the company.

In 2004, the company’s production capacity was increased 50% and reached 150.000m/month, with the new investments.

The founder, Mr. Naim Pektas, passed away in 2006.

Today, Ibrahim Pektas is the president of the company. He has a BS degree from Istanbul Technical University and an MBA degree from Duquesne University/USA. Necla Pektas, who has a BS degree from Middle East Teachnical University and an MS degree from Carnegie Mellon University/USA, is in active management.

Besides the family members, Pektas has a team of very talented, experienced engineers, designers and other textile professionals. With this background, the company has achieved to promote its products to more than fifty countries in its history, starting from 1995.