Naim Pektas, the founder of Pektas Textile, was born in 1940. He grew up and lived in Malatya, a city in the eastern part of Turkey, till his high school graduation. In 1958, he started his engineering education in Istanbul Technical University and graduated from the Civil Engineering department in 1962. After gaining experience in various construction companies, he started his own business in civil engineering area. In this period he completed many successful projects and built bridges, shopping centers, apartments and factories. His step into industry was when he built one of the biggest cotton yarn production facilities of Turkey, called Birko. When the construction was completed and machinery was brought in, he was asked to be the first general manager, by the shareholders. This was his first position in an industrial environment.

Naim Pektas believed that the unique way to be a developed country was industrialization and production. With this belief, he realised very important industrial projects as a partner entrepreneur. In 1995, he started his own family business, Pektas Textile, in Corlu. His son and daughter who are engineers like him, are now managing the company.

Naim Pektas who had the chance to bring a strong analytical thinking talent and entrepreneurship together, worked hard during all his life, with the ideal of a developed and rich country. Besides his strong professional background, he was a real intellectual who had passions in many areas like history, literature and especially classical Turkish music. Unfortunately, he couldn’t cope with his illness and passed away in 2006. He is still being remembered with love and appreciation by his family, friends and employees. He will always be missed by the ones who had the chance to know him.